The strange, the mystical the unusual, the magical... Actually, he show is full of fun with emphasis on laughter!!

Born in Tokyo, Japan, the premier entertainer FUMIO always wanted to be a comedian.

One of his greatest joys is to make people laugh! But, he found that his sense of humor did not fit into traditional Japanese society --he didn’t get any laughs!

He soon left Japan for the United States, where he discovered MAGIC.

FUMIO incorporated magic into his comedy act, and immediately he had laughs from everyone in his audiences.

FUMIO's award winning act offers a unique blend of ethnic humor, comedy, and magic, which his audiences truly apperciate.

2-3-10, Ogibashi, Koto-Ku, Tokyo. 135-0011
TEL: 090-4845-2938

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Here are a few comments from satisfied clients who have enjoyed the talents of FUMIO.

Texaco E & P Habbs, New Mexico

We were pleasantly surprised at the humor interjected into your delightful magic act!! The employees of Texaco recommend you as an entertainer of the highest quality.

27th Squadron, U.S. Naval Air Station, Corpus Christi, Texas

The entire Squadron enjoyed the show immensely. Combining magic with comedy is a unique idea.

Odessa Symphony Guild, Odessa, Texas

The Students were Thoroughly entertained by FUMIO’s comedy magic show. We especially appreciated his “Don’t Drink and Drive” routine. He was able to discuss this sensitive subject with comedy, but deliver a serious message.

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